Sunday, 8 March 2009

On the Merry-Go-Round of Life.

Sometimes, just once in a blue moon, I wish the world would stop spinning for half an hour or so and allow me to step off and catch my breath; I seem to be going through a more-than-usual hectic period at the moment.

The last week of March is our school's annual Book Week, and as the Book Worker there it is up to me and me alone to arrange competitions, activities, author visits and the dressing up day (I am going as Bellatrix from the Harry Potter books). All this takes time and brain cells!! - not to mention an endless round of phone calls.

Then we (or rather I) am decorating our loft. We had said room converted about fifteen years ago and I have always coveted the airy space in the clouds, but, at the time it was used as a bedroom for my two young boys. The years moved on and those boys became men with houses of their own. Then it was the turn of my daughter to have a fairy-tale attic bedroom in the heavens; all pink feather boas, twinkly lights and dream-catchers! Finally, at long last, she'd had enough of living in the eaves and moved into one of the 'normal' bedrooms. Now the loft is mine all mine!! (Cue cackling laughter.)

I am creating my very own writing space. . .and what fun I'm having. It's almost finished and when it is I'm sure I will pen my masterpiece! We'll have to wait and see.

So, all of the above, is my way of saying I may be a bit lax on the ole blogging front for a while, but to quote the infamous words of The Terminator : I'll be back!


Vesper said...

How nice to have that loft all to yourself and to decorate it to your heart's desire! Yes, I can imagine you sitting in there and writing, writing, writing.... :-)
What a delight! I wish I had such a space...

Middle Ditch said...

I am, of course, green with envy. I would love to have such a place but have to make do with a tiny little study downstairs that was once an indoor shed.

Keep writing you!!

Rick said...

Hello, Akasha. Nice work! A wonderful blend of tension and atmospherics.