Monday, 6 April 2009

A Glimpse Through My Eyes.

The wind when it comes, comes with a vengeance; rattles fence panels, buffets tree-tops and sets the wind-chime on the old wooden shed dancing - the shed itself creaks and groans in protest. Like a ship upon a raging sea.
Up in the loft I feel safe. Safe and secure.
Snug as a bug in a rug.
Rain hits the window-glass; blown into diagonal streaks of silver by the wind.
I peer out through my reflection, into the night.
Clouds scud infront of the moon; play peek-a-boo with the ghostlike orb. A Horror Story Moon.
Trees rustle. Somewhere, someone's, gate blows open. Shut. Open. Shut. The sound lonely. Melancholy.
A dog barks. Once. And then falls silent.
I wish I could see the sea, feel the spray as angry waves smash against unforgiving rocks. The sea as black as the night itself, a dark moving mirror of ink.
A call from below breaks into my reverie. My daughter. I step away from the window back into the real world of TV, bath and bed.
But for a moment I had been as one with the night.


Linda G. said...

Evocative writing, Akasha! Congratulations on having your own writing room..and in the attic space too..perfect for those spooky tales of yours:)

Middle Ditch said...

Glad to see you are back. Kept thinking that a horror story might have swallowed you up.

Am still green with envy, of course. I wished I could have had all those emotions, standing there in the attic and listening to all those wonderful inspirational sounds. Great piece.

Leigh Russell said...

I think I need an attic to retire to - good on you! I noticed you'd not been around for a while, but have been busy with editors etc so only now back to blogging myself.

I have to tell you, akasha, I've had some dark thoughts myself lately - not as poetic as yours.

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Akasha Savage said...

Linda G - I really do love my attic space, I find I am spending so much time there getting lost in my writing that I forget everyting else...including the urge to blog!

middle ditch- as I mentioned above, it is so hard to tear myself away from my writing these days that I have been a bit lax on the ole blogging front. But I will try to post at least once a week.

Hi Leigh - your battle with amazon sounds awful. It must be so frustrating and disheartening for you. Count me in - I will most def order your book - I am going over to your blog as I speak! x