Sunday, 20 April 2008


Seething, writhing anger which eats into the bone.
Dark, pulsating greyness that wants you for its own.
Rolling waves of thunder that won't leave you alone.
This is love.

Watchful eyes of envy; spitting shards of green glass.
A tight and painful smile; a face behind a mask.
Hot nauseating lava erupting in your heart.
This is love.

Swollen, throbbing heartbeat; full yet wanting more.
Kneeling down before him; begging on the floor.
Yellow pus of gluttony trickling from a sore.
This is love.

White wishes in a moonlit sky, high above the city.
A gnawing, biting hunger filled with hope and pity.
Cruel words that whip and burn, consume fragile dignity.
This is love.

Lustful fires ever burning in the valley of your heart.
A shrouding heat that lingers, tearing you apart.
Carnal deeds that never falter, suffocating from the start.
This is love.

Bitter pride in looks and statue. Venus cast in stone.
Cupid with his arrow; his kiss for you alone.
Silver mirror images that chill you to the bone.
This is love.

Slothful days of milk and honey, dripping oh so sweet.
Golden rays of sunshine where earth and heaven meet.
Red hot passion sizzling; lying at his feet.
This is love.


Middle Ditch said...

Oh, I recognized it all. Oh yeah.

I also read the ending of that creepy story. You're so good at that. The poem is lovely

Middle Ditch thirteen is posted Akasha, not half as good as your stories though.

Leigh Russell said...

Your writing is scarey in so many ways!

Akasha Savage said...

middle ditch: just listened to episode 13: good as always. Glad you enjoyed my poem and story.

leigh: Thanks; I aim to scare!!

Alis said...

Yikes - what a poem!
You are tagged over on my blog - hope you don't mind!

Bill Cameron said...

This is lovely -- haunting, but lovely. It's been sticking with me since I first read it yesterday.

Akasha Savage said...

alis: I don't mind a bit.

bill: pleased you liked it. I wrote it ages ago, just after I'd had a HUGE row with my hubby...bless him!!!
Inspiration comes at the strangest moments.

Vesper said...

A strong and haunting ballad - beautiful and scary...