Sunday, 27 April 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Alis Hawkins of Hawkins Bizarre has tagged me. I have to write six random things about myself and then tag six more victims! I was tagged in exactly this way a few months ago, so will try not to repeat myself! Here goes...

RANDOM FACT NUMBER ONE: I f**king hate the photograph I've posted of myself on this blog. It makes me look old, grey, boring and ancient...I don't actually think I'm any of these!? I don't know why I haven't changed it before now, or indeed why I put it here in the first place. this space...changes are afoot...

RANDOM FACT NUMBER TWO: I am a closet Goth. One day I will come out!!

RANDOM FACT NUMBER THREE: When I was sixteen I went on holiday with my friend Jackie.
We went into a nearby town one evening for a meal, and I made her do a runner with me before we'd paid the bill....I've felt guilty eversince! (Although I'm not entire sure if it's because we didn't pay for the food, or because I made my friend, who is the quiet sensitive type, do a runner with me.)

RANDOM FACT NUMBER FOUR: I know how to break in horses (not sure if that's actually interesting...but I thought it pretty random!).

RANDOM FACT NUMBER FIVE: My hubby is Deputy Second Coxswain of the local RNLI Lifeboat. An unsung hero.

RANDOM FACT NUMBER SIX: I long...oh so very own a metallic purple TVR....MMMMMMmmmmmm.....

Well that's me sorted!

Now I am going to tag six others. They are:

Bill Cameron.
Leigh Russell.

The rules are as follows:

Link to the person that tagged you - ie me.
Post the rules on your blog.
Write six random things about youself in a blog post.
Tag six people.
Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their post.
Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

Good Luck!


Bill Cameron said...

Oh my. Well, I'm gonna hafta think about this. Look for mine tomorrow....

Monique said...

I can't do this on Middle Ditch but I shall think about it and do it on my Monique blog. Thank you though, it's really sweet.


Alis said...

Re your first random fact, I think you should definitely ditch that photo. They may say the camera never lies but that's only because they've never seen this one of you - it looks nothing like you!

Akasha Savage said...

bill: I'll be looking...

monique: I wasn't aware you had another blog. I will most definitely hunt for it!!

alis: I'm glad you agree about the photo...and I'm glad you think it looks nothing like me. I think my lookalikey must have taking my place that day!

Vesper said...

Six random things about myself... hmmm, now you've really scared me! I shall think about them.

Your six random facts are quite interesting. The photo, yes, it intrigued me, but somehow I've found it very suitable for the ...dark side. :-)

Bill Cameron said...

I'd've sworn I alerted you of my random facts this morning, but apparently not. Random Fact Seven: my brain is unreliable.

Taffiny said...

It IS interesting that you know how to break in horses.

What is a TVR? Hubby said video recorder then when I read it out loud he said "sports car?".

Nothing wrong with the photo, but if it doesn't say "you" to you, then yeah it makes sense to find one that does.

(I'll work on my random things, haven't been in the blogosphere much lately, aliens a.k.a my family are taking all of my time, and I've started spring planting.)

Elena said...

I've never been tagged before... thanks for choosing me Akasha. I haven't been blogging of late due to other responsibilities. But as soon as I can get back to it, I'll work on and post my six. In the mean time, I'll think of what to say about myself. I enjoyed reading your fun 6. I also read the end of your photograph story. Sooo scary!!! Great idea! And really enjoyed your poem that followed... so much truth there.

Vesper said...

I finally made it! :-) My six random things are on my blog...

Ello said...

Oh I can't wait for the new picture. Is it goth? ;o)

Akasha Savage said...

vesper: not sure what to make of that comment that my photo seems to suit the darkside... ;)

bill: I am just about to fly over to your blog now!

taffiny: a TVR is a really really sexy sports image it... the Tuscan is my favourite.

elena: I'll be waiting for your six random facts. :)

ello: up until a few months ago my hair was short, spiky, dark red with black highlights... I'm off to the hairdressers soon for a new look... nost probably with gothic tendencies!! :D