Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Reality check.

During the last few days I have had to doff my writer's hat and don my teacher's hat, hence the lack of blog activity. I am back to school on Tuesday, and in typical me fashion, have left all my planning etc until the very last minute! I've had to spend my last few precious days at home not at my laptop creating, but at my desk putting together work for the little darlings I will be returning to next week. And before that I have to sit through two whole days of 'staff training', on ICT no favourite subject. Not. I will be officially brain-dead before the weekend rolls along.

Think of me.

I will back with a more inspiring post soon....


Alan W. Davidson said...

I'm sure that you and Aaron Polson can exchange strategies on how to deal with 'the little darlings' and generally co-miserate with each other.

Kat said...

Lol. I've always thought that teachers work harder than anyone can imagine. I couldn't do it. Grading papers, listening to the whining, lol. No way.

Two profs tried to talk me into teaching art. I had visions of wild rants over lazy students wasting my time. "You call this art?! My 6 year old has more vision than this! What do you mean it takes too long? Chain yourself to the easel and shut up! Art is a labor of love...learn to labor and love it!"

Oh...wait forgot where I was. Thank God it was just a nightmare... Sorry, Akasha. But you can clearly see why I should never teach anything. Lol.

Here's to hoping you get through these dark days with your brain waves intact, lol. And kudos for your dedication. :)

Akasha Savage said...

Alan ~ I've been following Aaron's blog, he has my complete sympathy!

Kat ~ I'm a teacher in all but title: I'm a Books Development Manager! I work in a primary school with kids aged between 4yrs - 11yrs. My job is to get them interested in reading and books. I have complete charge of the library, plus run the phonics scheme within the school to help the children learn to read, and also, every day, take out two ot three groups of approx ten children and teach them about different authors and read them their work, then we do activities linked to that author. It ranges from Roald Dahl to Shakespeare!

And although I moan, I do really love my job. It's just the thought of returning to work after a seven week break!!

Kat said...

Well, there is a reason that work is a four letter word, lol.

I think that's great Akasha. I can't think of anything better than fostering a love for reading in children. Seriously. That's a gift that will stay with them forever.

Jarmara Falconer said...

Hi Askaska, Back to school for you... So did you get as much as you hoped you would on your novel or did the time fly by before you knew where you were?

Rabid Fox said...

Ah, school. I almost wish I could go back. Almost.

For as much as I miss English class and hanging out with friends through the hallways, I can still remember all the stuff that made me long for the days when I could get out of that place. Go figure.