Sunday, 27 September 2009

...and now for a bit of culture.

Yesterday I went to see a play performed in the majestic setting of Rochester Cathedral. The play: Ancient Stones, Stories Untold was written by writer Alis Hawkins, a dear friend of mine: there was no way on earth I was going to miss out on this performance; especially as Rochester is a mere forty minute drive away from my home town.
Alis has done herself proud.
Ancient Stories was a promenade performance. The six part play took place in various areas of the cathedral, the audience followed where the players led. And they not only led us around the beautiful greystone building but also through the history of the Church. It was a fascinating journey, thoughtfully written and excellently preformed. And God must have been looking down on Alis that day: the weather was sunny and bright, lending the outside scene true autumnal atmosphere.

The city of Rochester is one of my favourite places in Kent. It is not an overpowering pretentious city, but rather a large friendly town. The narrow cobbled streets are lined with the most wonderful mixture of antique shops, art galleries and craft shops. I spent an hour...or two.....or three......just wandering, window-shopping, before getting back in my little red car and driving home.

You can visit Alis at her blog Hawkins Bizarre. She is listed on my blog links. Eyes right....


John Pender said...

I love towns like that. I must visit some day.

Rick said...

In Detroit, we have life performances, too, but they usually involve serious audience participation when someone yells "gun!" :)

Seriously, Akasha, it sounds like you had a great time and I wish we had something like that around here.

Akasha Savage said...

John ~ you should visit. Me and my hubby have plans to tour America on our motorbike at some stage in our life, before we get too old to cock our legs over the bike! Really really want to explore the good ole US of A!

Rick ~ I think I'd much prefer our live performances than yours! ;)

Leigh Russell said...

This sounds amazing. What a wonderful setting. It must have been fantastic to watch. You can't beat live performance, whether it's theatre, music or poetry readings etc. Real people doing real things.

Alan W. Davidson said...

There's a few places about here that do live performance/walking tours about the summer for the tourists. I look foreward to going on of these days.

Stewart Sternberg said...

That is one of the coolest ideas for a production. I love theater. I haven't been in a year, so I think maybe it's time to check out what's coming to town and head over there.

Vesper said...

What an interesting idea for a play - follow the actors through the cathedral and even outside! Very, very interesting!
I love theater but haven't been to a play in ages.

onipar... said...

No! Not cullllture. :-P

Wow, a tour of America on motorcycles sounds pretty cool. You ever watch that Alton Brown series "Feasting on Asphalt"?

Akasha Savage said...

Leigh ~ it was really good fun to watch. there were Morris Dancers as well in the courtyard area. Excellent stuff!

Alan ~ you should make the effort and's such good entertainment.

Stewart ~ I live the theatre and try to go at least once in the year.

Vesper ~ it really was very very interesting...and informative.

onipar ~ a bit of culture indeed. No, I've not seen the programme you mentioned. At the moment we are watching a real good series of documentaries, following Charlie Boorman as he goes about the world mainly on motorbikes, boats and cars. It's good viewing!