Saturday, 24 January 2009

The 'Write' Place.

'O! It's nice to get up in the morning, but it's nicer to stay in bed.'

During week days my favourite place to write is in bed: in the evening, after a long soak in a hot bubble-filled bath, here I let my mind begin to drift into my writing and go over what I will be working on next. Over the years I have tried writing in various places around the house, but I found most of them wanting.

I started off stationed at the kitchen table. We have a huge oaken kitchen table, ideal for spreading dictionaries, thesaurus', research folders, books and so forth, across. The only trouble is, our kitchen is right next door to our lounge. All the while I was writing (or trying to write!), I could hear the television gabbling on in the background, or snatches of conversation between my daughter and my husband. I have found out the hard way that I need peace and quiet surrounding me when I work.

So then I put up a makeshift table in the 'dog's room'. This is a small extension - more lean-to than conservatory - where our dog, Wolfie, sleeps at night. It always has a fine wiff of canine about it that no end of incense sticks or perfumed candles will eradicate! I found bloody freezing in the winter, even with the heater on full blast. No wonder Wolfie grows a coat like a bear during the cold months! I, on the other hand, wrapped myself in thick sweaters, scarf and fingerless gloves, and still sat there shivering.

So I then bought a battered second-hand computer table and placed it on our small narrow landing (that is where I am sitting now) and positioned our family computer on it. A few years back we converted our roomy attic into a loft bedroom, a proper little wooden staircase leads up to it. It is under this staircase that the computer now sits. Not a good idea: If I move my head too much I whack it against the bottom of the staircase; the landing is very very narrow, and sitting at the computer takes up its complete width, therefore whenever my daughter wants to go into or out of her bedroom (which seems every five minutes when I'm sitting at the desk!!), I have to get up, move my chair, and let her pass by. If I refuse to move - because I'm having a creative flow - lots of huffing and puffing ensues!

So finally I splashed out on a laptop - oh what bliss! I now take myself to bed, spread all the tools of my trade across the duvet and tap away to my little hearts content; warm, comfortable and quiet - apart from our cat, Poppy, curled up at my feet, purring.

The one draw back is having to put everything away when my hubby comes to bed!!


Andrea said...

I'm like the opposite. I have to have noise in the background in order to concentrate. Yes, it can distracting at times, but it still helps.

laughingwolf said...

tell hubster to sleep in the wolfie dorm :O lol

Vesper said...

I liked your account of your troubles of finding the best spot to write. I'm still having trouble with this and don't seem to have settled down yet... :-)

Pen Pen said...

I don't think many people realize what writers need to write. Artists have studios and they make them just so.
People often expect me to write anywhere--and that's just not how it works for me. It's a combination of the right show being on low volume
9has to be something I've seen before-like a movie or else I'll watch it). Then, I need nobody to talk to me, and I HAVE to be on a couch where the computer can be on my legs. Everything falls apart without these things.

Middle Ditch said...

I've got a little indoors shed that, after my daughter, who made it into her bedroom after loads of arguments with her big sister, moved out, I made into my study. It's a great place. peaceful and quiet.

Please let Wolfie sleep in the lounge.

Linda G. said...

Your story of writing in the cold makes me think of the tales of Louisa May Alcot freezing in her attic chamber penning out Little Women. She did it and so will you! Congrats on the lap top..that's much better!
Linda aka sheoflittlebrain

Linda G. said...

Louisa May Alcott:)

Akasha Savage said...

Andrea - the only noise I can bear in the background while I'm writing is my music playing: Arcade Fire at the mo.

laughing wolf - My hubby said a rude word in answer to your comment!! :)

Vesper - our loft was converted into a bedroom a few years back, for my sons, but now they've left home I'm thinking of turning it into a writing room. I'll let you know how it works out. :)

Pen Pen - it's all our funny quirks that make writers the unique people we are!!

middle ditch - your shed sounds ideal. Don't worry about Wolfie, we do leave the heating on low for him during the winter months, and he grows a coat like a bear. ;)

Linda G - Yeah... the laptop has made such a difference.

Chris Gough said...

I quite like writing in the car! I find my mind makes strange connections when I'm driving - I stop at the services and write them down! Bonus is that there's usually a decent coffee to be had and it's nice and warm!

Akasha Savage said...

That sounds good. I often get ideas popping into my head while I'm driving - but I never write them down - they're invariably lost my the time I get home! :(

Chris Gough said...

if you're in the car you can also use the Record audio facility to record your ideas before they disappear out of your head - down onto the floor and then out of the cracks in the door frame (cos that's what they do!)

Chris Gough said...

of course I meant the record facility on your mobile phone!