Sunday, 26 October 2008


For those of you who are eagerly awaiting another dark tale from yours truly, I would just like you to know I am penning another yarn as we speak! The reason for the delay is that just recently I have been spending some time writing my novel...and any of you out there in the great wide bloggersphere who also write, will know that trying to run a family, keep a job, update a blog, and write the all time best-seller(!!)is not an easy combination to hold together.

Also...I have been busy rehearsing to Thrill The World!!

Each year, around about this time, a global event is held to see how many people worldwide can dance the zombie dance from Michael Jackson's hit song Thriller, all at the same time on the same day. And the date this year was 25 October. 101 of us here on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, England, got together dressed as zombies and did just that!
What a funky spooky time we all had! I will hopefully be posting some photos of our event in the not too distant future. Altogether, worldwide, approx 4,000 zombies danced the dance. To learn more visit



Mad Asthmatic said...

glad a new dark tale is on its way, I am looking forward to reading it. I don't know how you find the time in the day to do everything.

How's the novel going?

Thrill the world sounds like huge fun, will have to look out for it next year and see if there is anything planned near me!


Middle Ditch said...

Yes please I like to see those pics.

Pleased to read that you are writing and I know all about that.

The ending of the story posted previously is sad, but predictable. You gave too much away at the beginning and again in the middle. I had hoped for a twist there.

Withhold information for as long as you can. Keep the reader guessing and twist the story here and there to keep them off guard before the terrible ending.

I did enjoy the read though.


Rick said...

Akasha, you are a very good kind of crazy!

Leigh Russell said...

Not easy - there aren't enough hours in the day, are there? I still find time to procrastinate happily on the blog although not as often as I'd like. I'm expecting the final edits back from my editor next month, nicely timed to coincide with an inspection at work... I'll probably lose the final vestiges of my sanity. So I'm blogging while I still can...

And once that's done, I'll need to hurry up with the next book.

Looking forward to hearing about your novel!!!

Akasha Savage said...

mad asthmatic - thrill the world was amazing fun! I loved dressing up as a zombie!! My novel is coming along...slowly...but getting there. :)

Middle ditch -'re right, it was a bit predictable. It was 'homework' for the writers' group I run...a last minute rush job!!

rick - I will take that as a compliment!! ;)

Leigh - can't wait to be able to buy your book! I hope I'm in your position soon. :D

Rick said...

Hello Akasha! Of course it's a compliment, and keep writing because we're anxious to read more.

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sheoflittlebrain said...

Wahoo! I can quit obsessing about the election and have some fun:)
Of course now I'm all spooked and am glad I sensibly waited until daylight to read your stories!
Still, you are able to evoke that haunted feeling deep in my gut and I will probably think of that house in the dark of the night!

Pen Pen said...

I was so excited to see ur blog--it's so hard to read writers who like the same things I do! I'll have to keep reading!

I'm an aspiring author and love all things querky...and cupcakes :)