Saturday, 21 June 2008

I've been tagged!

Vesper - Chick with a Quill - has tagged me, so here goes.... (I would just like to add though - god knows what's happened to the layout of my blog post. I've tried fiddling about with it but this is the best I can do. Must be a gremlin in the works!)

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Mmm...I've got to think about this one. My daughter would have been five years old so I think at that time I was working as a mobile beautician; giving clients facials, manicures, pedicures and 'doing' wedding make-up. I think I was driving around in a beat up old Mazda. My two sons, Ben and Billy, would have been in their mid-teens, so I was most probably running them backwards and forwards like their own personal taxi-driver. I wasn't stuck into my writing in a 'big' way, but I was producing the odd short story or two even then.

Five things on my 'to-do' list for today.
Today is Saturday. I try not to do too much on a Saturday!
1 MUST do some housework (boring!). I work all week so by the time the weekend
arrives my little house is a tip!
2 MUST spend at least a couple of hours on my novel.
3 Up-date my blog. I never seem to have enough time in the week anymore, so this
has become a Saturday job.
4 Prepare for my writers group meeting this coming Tuesday.
5 De-flea & de-worm our two cats, Popsicle & Jezebel, and our dog, Wolfie...not
very exciting I know!

What I would do if I were a billionaire.

1 Give up the Day Job and concentrate on my writing.
2 Buy myself the latest TVR and my hubby a super-duper big motorbike.
3 Tour America on above motorbike...dropping in on Stephen King for tea!
4 Hire Andrea Bocelli to sing for me and me alone.
5 Go for a flight with the Red Arrows RAF display team.
6 Buy an old gothic castle or church to live in.
7 Pay for my daughter, Katy, to go to the best drama school possible so she can
realise her dream of becoming a Hollywood Actress and meet, then marry Orlando

Three bad habits I've got.

1 I talk WAY too much and never listen to what people are saying! To quote comedian
Billy Connolly: I'm like a broken old radio - always on transmit and never on
2 I drive FAR too fast!! I've been stopped twice, if it happens again I will have my
licence taken away!!! Paul, my hubby, says I drive like a rally driver!!
3 I spend money (usually on clothes) like it's going out of fashion...unfortunately
my daughter has picked up this habit too!!

Snacks I enjoy.

1 Top of the list has to be chocolate!
2 Chocolate!!
3 Mmmm...chocolate!!!

The last five books I've read.

1 My cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
2 American Gods by Neil Gaiman
3 21st Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
4 The Moon and the Sixpence by Somerset Maugham
5 Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Five jobs I've had.

1 Mobile Beautician.
2 Riding Instructor at a home for the mentally ill.
3 Dog Walker.
4 Carer of the Elderly.
5 Books Development Manager at a Primary School

Five places I've lived.
I've spent my whole life on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, this includes:
1 Queenborough - where I lived from birth 'til about 2 or three years
old. This is a place too small to really be called a town, it is by a local
harbour and we lived in a terraced house in North Road.
2 Sheerness - this is the main town on Sheppey and is right by the sea front. It is
a popular place, even today, for Londoners to come on holiday. Again we lived in a
terraced house with a small backyard. But it was a step up from Queenborough.

3 Minster - we moved here when I was ten years old and my sister, Lisa, six. Minster
is supposedly the 'posh' end of the island. My dad had a good job by now, so my
parents bought a large old detached property with approx 3/4 of an acre of garden.
Our house was opposite a farm and I soon made friends with the young girl there,
Jane. We are still friends to this day. It was here that I started riding lessons
and ended up with my own horses. It was the ideal place to grow up in.
4 Sheerness (again!) - I moved back into town when I married my first husband, but
after the freedom of the open countryside I hated it. We soon bought our own place
5 Minster - this is where I still live today with my hubby, Paul. We own a quaint
terraced cottage in the rural part of Sheppey. I love my little home, and my
parents have recently sold their big house and moved just three doors up the road
from me.

Well, that's me done. Now I am going to tag:

Alis at Hawkin's Bizarre
Bill Cameron
Leigh Russell


Alis said...

Thanks, Akasha! I'll get to it!

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Akasha
What does it mean, to be tagged? What should I do? I'm very pleased you've tagged me but am completely ignorant about what it means... ! Help please!

Bill Cameron said...

I shall take my turn tomorrow!

Tim Stretton said...

My Cousin Rachel! What a fantastic book... much better than Rebecca.

My copy is one of the old orange and white Penguins from the 1960s, now disintegrating with age and repeated readings. I think it's older than I am.

A magnificent book: a beautifully constructed story and a case study in first-person narrative technique. It's one of the underrated gems of the 20th century.

I liked it, by the way...

Akasha Savage said...

alis - can't wait! :)

leigh - I've left sort of instructions on your blog. Have fun!

bill - yours should make enjoyable reading!! ;)

tim - I agree, My Cousin Rachel is excellent. I didn't want to put it down!

Bill Cameron said...

And I did it, but at InkSpot...

Leigh Russell said...

OK, I answered the questions - well, with a little digressing, I fear. I answered them on my blog.

Vesper said...

I loved all your answers, Akasha! Thanks for playing! :-)

Monique said...

10 years ago I ran my own business.

Saturdays and Sundays I am doing exactly what you are doing.

I would give it all to charity. Money brings nothing but trouble.

I smoke, I drink and I love cats.

Don't snack, ever.

I haven't read a book in ages. Too busy writing.

Kennel worker, dish washer, cleaner, care worker, working with drug addicts.

Marknesse, Ens, Elburg, Zwolle, Sherborne, Sturminster newton. Oops that's six!

XX and lol

tykobrie said...

Wow, what an impressive blog.