Sunday, 13 January 2008

Apologies if some of you have read this before, but I'm re-blogging some of the stuff that was lost when my original blog crashed.

A Kiss In The Dark.

He called me to the window in the darkness of the night.
Beyond, the moon was glowing a translucent silver white.
His fingers danced upon the glass, his nails they scratched the pane,
He leant towards the window, gently whispering my name.
My nightgown billowed round me, stirred by a chilling draught,
Through the window glass between us I heard a micking laugh.
My bare feet glided forward, with a will no longer mine,
I knew he craved to drink my blood: a full red-bodied wine.
A scream rose, then died upon my lips; instead I asked him in.
With a flourish of his silk-lined cloak and on his face a grin,
He pulled the window open and floated passed the sill,
Until he stood before me: so tall and dark and still.
His eyes were full of hunger, a lust for me alone.
He smiled a sharp-fanged smile, that chilled my very bone.
Yet suddenly within my heart dark longing filled my soul,
When he wrapped his arms around me, my sanity he stole.
I pressed myself against him, my body one with his,
I closed my eyes upon my life and waited for his kiss.


Vesper said...

Very beautiful, Akasha. I'm glad you (re)posted it. Oh, the endless fear and attraction of vampires... :-) I love it!

Ello said...

Ooh that was very lovely! I never saw it before so good for me! Repost I say!

Middle Ditch said...

I never saw it before and it chilled my spine. I am really pleased that you like the story so much. Thank you for visiting.